Opening of the 2021 season of the YPO Russia business club.
The task was to give the guests a new and unusual experience. We decided to step away from the business world completely and remember the most sincere and real feelings of first love.
We took the guests into the heart-warming memories and stories, where everyone could remember something important.
The event consisted of two parts: the game "Fast Dates" and the play "Shared Experiences" directed by Vika Privalova, which is a bestseller in the Meyerhold Centre.
The "Shared Experiences" play is not a show with actors on stage and spectators in the hall but a different experience. Everyone who entered the space of the "living museum of memory" became a full participant in the action. At the same time, the play has no pathos or a claim to the sublimity of feelings. But the feelings after the "Shared Experiences" cannot be called anything other than poetry.
"Fast Date" gave a chance to the participants to talk and, perhaps, get closer... with a stranger, friend, partner or with themselves. We prepared the questions on topics that are never discussed in an everyday life. This helped them to get to know each other better, to think and, of course, connect emotionally.
With love and for love,
Bureau Magoo