Travelling with Tretyakov Gallery
Taking Tretyakov Gallery's friends to Uzbekistan to see the spots that inspired Vasily Vereshchagin
In May, the Tretyakov Gallery launched a new format for exploring art for participants of the loyalty program "Friends of the Tretyakov Gallery" — unique trips to spots that played a special role in a certain painter's career.
Inspired by the bestselling Vasily Vereshchagin retrospective at the Tretyakov Gallery, the first group went to Uzbekistan to see the places that mattered to this important artist.
Bureau Magoo organized all the logistics of the trip, as well as its hospitality aspects.
The trip lasted five days and the participants of the trip looked at the main architectural sites of Samarkand, visited a tent camp in the Nurata desert, as well as authentic places in Bukhara.
They were accompanied by the curator of Vasily Vereshchagin retrospective Svetlana Kapyrina, as well as the best Uzbek guides and art historians. Apart from heartfelt memories and new knowledge, "friends of the museum" brought back carpets, bathrobes, and traditional painted plates.