A series of events for the construction company STONE HEDGE.
We have developed a concept and arranged a presentation of a new sales office for the Stone Tower - a commercial facility that Stone Hedge has designed together with the architectural bureau TSIMAILO LYASHENKO PARTNERS which is under construction right now. It was a series of events for commercial and residential property brokers and clients. Each evening had a unique theme and differed from the others.
For the property brokers, we invited a former director of the Chanel Academy David Mardashev. We think he is the best and most charismatic luxury service specialist. David shared his experience and told a lot of incredible stories from real life, which will teach you more than any theory.
For the clients, we invited Mikhail Arkind as a speaker. He is an art expert and advises top hotels in Russia and private clients on the purchase and investment in art. Mikhail told about the most famous collectors, the most exciting deals in art life, and all about the connection between art and development.
The evening finished with Sergey Pushkin with his DJ set and Yana Blinder, who assembled a unique group of musicians and, as always, gave an ultimate experience to everyone.