Stag Party in Moscow
An event for 10 daring and very hard-to-please young Swiss gentlemen
In March 2016, Bureau Magoo conceptualized and organized a stag party in Moscow for 10 daring and very hard-to-please young Swiss gentlemen.
The party was themed «A dive into the deep Russian soul», and its design concept was inspired by the Russian matryoshkas and classic prison tattoos.
A unique set of black matryoshkas was made for this project. Each of the participants received a wooden figure at different stages of the event, and was able to assemble his own matryoshka doll by the end of it.
The first parts were sent to the participants as invitations. Further parts of the matryoshkas were to be found in their hotel rooms, along with the instructions and necessary gear for the following day's events.

Over less than a week, we managed to show our guests the most extraordinary side of Moscow. Sharing the spirit of adventure, we took them around some of the most exclusive places closed to public and created a new original quest around the city.

The gentlemen met some of the best chefs and sommeliers in town, played Mafia in a special secret place and, or course, drank lots and lots of vodka.