Private Event
Birthday party on the roof of the Narkomfin building.
One of our summer events on the most iconic roof of the city - the great Narkomfin building!
That day started with bad weather and strong wind. The mounting was hard, the palms were flying away, and our entire team literally prayed if in a snap of the fingers the weather could change its anger to mercy. And the luck was once again on our side! By the time our birthday girl and her guests came up to the roof, everything was perfect!
Anton Beznosyuk and Hovhannes Avakyan began to set the atmosphere of the evening.
Later, during the golden hour, which gorgeously covered the roof, Daniel was singing, who, with his voice, seemed to transport everyone to one of the rooftops of New York.
It seemed that a great movie was casting here right now, no one wanted this night to end. Perhaps, Ginzburg knew everything about the perfect location of the building and why Moscow residents need a roof.