Private event in Italy
A wedding anniversary in the most beautiful surroundings
In July we organized the 15th wedding anniversary in Italy for a great couple. Our mission was to provide emotions, memories and impressions.
The guests and the couple stayed at the incredible Belmond Villa San Michele, a hotel located in the building of an antique church, overlooking the whole of Florence. Definitely stay there when you have a chance, it's incredible!
We came up with an idea of a three-day travel experience for the kind of guests who are rarely surprised by anything.
We organized a welcome dinner at a former plant shop in a real greenhouse, a trip by retro cars through the Tuscan fields to an awesome Antinori winery, watching sunrise from air balloons and a gala dinner.
Instead of gifts, the guests presented creative performances, which we worked on together for a couple of months in advance. It turned out to be amazing! It was a holiday with tears of happiness, surprises, laughter, memories and emotions.

It was incredible to watch how people who had nothing to do with creativity at all were improving themselves for the sake of their friends.