Private anniversary in Italy
Concept development and organization of a 3-day trip to Tuscany and an event for 50 guests
In September 2019 we organized a very beautiful and special private event in Tuscany.

We are very passionate about creating and bringing into life exclusive experiences, that's why we never agree to execute just yet another event in a row.
Of course, very many guests have already visited Italy and Tuscany numerous times, thus, as always we were faced with a complicated task – to surprise, to impress and to them something that they certainly have not yet seen before and what would leave a long-lasting mark in their memory and soul.

For their first welcome dinner we have chosen the most unusual and exclusive winery in Tuscany - Antinori and had it shut down for the evening, so only our guests could enter! Taking into account the number of people that visit Antinori every day, it's even hard to come here for a wine tasting or lunch, especially to enjoy its territory without anyone around you – it was truly a wow-effect....
When we were planning the main celebration, it was important for us to avoid an obvious party that everybody was used to in Italy and we wanted to create something completely different.

We found a unique place in the very heart of Florence - Palazzo Gondi and we came to an agreement (which was especially hard) with the Gondi family of having our private event there.

Palazzo was always owned by this family, as were the houses that stood here before. In one of them lived the father of Leonardo Da Vinci and the rumor is that the painter himself had created "Mona Lisa" right here.
The place itself led us to have an unusual format. We started with a cocktail on the terrace at sunset and demonstrated to the guests the city from a unique angle, creating a magical atmosphere.

After the sunset everyone went down to a very special room, where we organized dinner with a performance by Nino Katamadze, who prepared an exceptional semi-acoustic jazz program. This was VERY beautiful!
After the dinner the guests went downstairs to the courtyard of the Palazzo, which we have completely transformed and created a real party atmosphere.
"The Moral Code" group performed for the dancing part, which the whole city seems to have heard :)