Private art travel
Development and organization of a series of private trips with a focus on art
Among our clients there are people that are very passionate about art. For them we develop and organize trips, during which guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with private collections, visit workshops and artists' studios, enjoy private views of the world-famous museums, meet outstanding art historians and guides, gain unique knowledge and get inspired.
We treat each travel experience with special care, because we highly value the emotions that the guests will receive in the process and the impressions, with which they will return. The main thing is that there are no standard hiking trails, no boring guides, no obvious places, only as many wow- effects as possible.

For example, during our trip to Uzbekistan, we organized a private dinner for 15 people on the Registan Square in Samarkand and this was a surprise for the guests. And in Copenhagen – a dinner at the museum after a guided tour, about which also no one knew in advance. In Georgia, the national ballet was taken out to dance in the garden, and in Florence guests went for a private dinner to the family of Russian-Italian aristocrats in a house, where during different historical eras members of this family enjoyed the company of Dante, Rudolf Nureyev, Anton Chekhov and Andrei Tarkovsky.